Auto Glass Polishing and Buffing to Remove Scratches


Visibility in your vehicle is such a valuable aspect of its daily functional value. When your side windows are scratched and you drive in the morning or afternoon sun, the haze can serious impede your vision. This occurs when the window guide pads get dirty and the dirt acts like sandpaper every time you roll your windows up and down.

Magic Glass now offers professional auto glass polishing to restore your side glass to its original clarity. If your glass is deeply scratched, you will see a noticeable improvement, but we may not be able to remove the deepest scratching.  However, most of our customers will receive the improvement we achieved on the vehicle below: Call Magic Glass for all of your auto glass needs, whether it's for windshield replacement, rock chip repair or car side window glass polishing. We serve the greater Prescott area.

Note: This service may only be performed in shop, at 720 6th Street in downtown Prescott. Please call today for your appointment with our highly skilled technicians.  928-541-0101