Headlight Protection & Restoration

Most headlight lenses today are made of clear and nearly unbreakable polycarbonate or a similar material, and not of glass. This material is a type of plastic, and it becomes cloudy over time. It is also easily damaged by grime, UV radiation, scratching and exhaust fumes. When your headlights are not clear, this compromises your vision at night, and your safety.


There are indisputable benefits for nighttime vision and driving safety, but AAA (American Automobile Association) survey results found that only 20 percent of Americans have had their deteriorated headlights refinished. In a recent study, The National Institute for Highway Safety found that car accidents were much more severe when the vehicles involved suffered from cloudy or foggy headlights.

Magic Glass is now offering professional headlight restoration and protection. With our special tools, we will polish the lenses to strip away the cloudy layer, and then we apply an exclusive UV protectant layer that will give you lasting results. Most DIY solutions only last a month or two at best, but with our special process, you'll enjoy up to two years of bright clear headlights.  Professional headlight restoration provides significant improvements. Light intensity at the headlight’s “hot spot” can double, the overall amount of light projected increases by up to 30 percent and glare-producing light scatter is reduced by up to 60 percent!

If your headlights are still in good condition, we offer our exclusive protective treatment that will keep them looking like new much longer. Think of it like sunscreen for your headlight lenses. Magic Glass offers headlight protection service for only $18.95 for both headlights.

If your headlights are already damaged, we will restore them with our exclusive multi-step process including protective sealant for only $44.95. We will sand off the clouded part of the lens, polish it to a clear surface once more, and then apply our protective sealant.

Make your vehicle safer today with our headlight protection and restoration services!