Windshield Chip Repair

It can happen so're driving along and suddenly you hear a loud bang and a rock has hit your windshield, chipping it or even causing an instant crack. If the weather is either cold or hot, that crack can grow before your eyes. Even if temperatures are mild, the chip will most likely become larger.and make your windshield completely unsafe. You should have any windshield rock chip repair done immediately, before the damage becomes worse.

In most cases when the damage is smaller than a quarter, a rock chip or star in the windshield can be professionally repaired so you can avoid the cost of a new windshield. Auto glass rock chips are easier to repair when the damage has just occurred. Over time, rain and wind pushes dirt into the crack, making it harder to seal. For the best windshield repair results, we suggest that you carry a roll of clear tape in your vehicle, to quickly cover any windshield chips until it we can repair them for you.


Our expert glass technicians will inject a special polymer with a vacuum process into the damaged area. precisely filling and smoothing it so the repair doesn't affect the travel of (or tear) your windshield wipers. If you get your car in to have the repair within a week of the damage, we can generally make it nearly disappear. If the rock chip is in your line of vision, when the sun hits it, this can cause reflection and may distract your driving. In that case, a windshield replacement will be a better option.

The Auto Glass Safety Council found that windshield rock chips or cracks that are in your field of vision can actually slow your response to emergency traffic situations. In addition, windshields that are pitted or hazed should be replaced — even if they are not broken — since they can magnify the glare of the headlights from oncoming cars at night.

Magic Glass offers free chip repairs on any new windshield we replace for you. Just call us for an appointment to bring your vehicle in to our Prescott shop, and we will happily do the chip repair for you.